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Welcome to the Future: Our New Generation Proximity Marketing Device!

We are glad to introduce a new product - Bluetooth advertising (PC or standalone version). With the good performance and reasonable price, the product is Widely recommended.
With the popularity of smart phones, Bluetooth era is emerging. It is the next generation of mobile marketing.

Picture this: A customer walks by your storefront. An advertisement offering a discount immediately appears on their cellular phone. How does this happen? Bluetooth -- the same technology that powers nearly all handsfree earpieces. Among cellular subscribers, 75% use a mobile phone that already supports Bluetooth!

As a new advertising carrier, Bluetooth advertising System can transmit advertising information to people at the experience of interactive entertainment. Bluetooth is a radio technology, which supports short-range communications (usually within 10m). It can exchange information wirelessly between mobile phone ,PDA, wireless headphones, notebook and other equipments.

Bluetooth standard is IEEE802.15. It works in the 2.4GHz frequency band, and the bandwidth ranges from 100KB to 1Mb per second. At present the majority of mobile phones are equipped with Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth advertising System has become the fashionable forms of advertising, and the entertainment was widely welcomed.

Bluetooth proximity marketing allows you to reach out to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you. It is widely used in restaurants, entertainment places, churches, conferences, oil companies, shopping malls, and such like.

It's simple. At least 75% of your customers may be reached via Bluetooth.

At their permission,
With full measurability,
At zero cost per customer!

There's no catch. Bluetooth Hotspots send content which has to be accepted by the customer. All statistics are kept in the device for review. Thus you know exactly how many people intentionally downloaded your content. This makes a huge difference comparing to other forms of marketing. Why?

Let's face it. Printed ads, flyers, or SMS campaigns give you poor indications about how many people actually read about benefits of your new product, or a service. You may spend thousands, but you will be always asking the question: does it really work?

The problem of unmeasurability doesn't exist in Bluetooth campaigns. And what's even more exciting, the content you push to your customers can be much more interesting than just a message. Apps, presentations, music, movies, all this is a great added value for people. By sending them free interactive content you have a chance of building nice relationships between them and the brand you're working for.

Because it has everything you need to reach high profits from your Bluetooth campaigns. There's no other solution offering all of these.

Apart from many low-end Bluetooth transmitters, InfoTek Blu was designed not as a box for sending files via Bluetooth, but rather as a platform for running profitable marketing campaigns. And this makes a difference. InfoTek Blu with its software are the tools which help you not only deliver content, but manage complexity of information you get in return from your customers. InfoTek Blu gives you a simple way to optimize your campaigns, and find the one with the highest effectiveness.

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